CFDP is a majority-owned Aboriginal business. CFDP is a First Nations Damage Prevention Services company formed in part to offer Damage prevention services across Canada and to provide career development opportunities to members in our partner communities. On projects across Canada where Aboriginal Inclusion and the Duty to Consult is critical, we work in alignment with our clients to bring value to the project by employing members from 11 First Nations Communities throughout Western Canada. Meeting stringent Socio-economic requirements on Major Projects on or near First Nations Reserve Land and Traditional Territories is crucial and we have assembled this company to bring this value to our clients projects.

CFDP recognizes the history, culture and diversity of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples of "Turtle Island" (North America). We believe that through positive, mutually beneficial relationships with the original inhabitants, we will be able to better accomplish our strategic goals. Our goal for our First Nations and Aboriginal partners is to assist them to meet their vast potential in human and natural resources.

We are committed to a culture of both inclusion and awareness of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples and their cultures in our day to day business. This is accomplished through both our corporate structure as well as the actual contract, training and employment of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples. 

CFDP has established partnerships with many First nations communities, Aboriginal owned companies and individual member partners. Through these partnerships and affiliations CFDP established a revenue sharing agreement with local First Nations Bands and Communities ensuring the local Band receives revenue for services provided by CFDP on projects in their traditional areas. We will not only engage the local Aboriginal populations in the areas in which we are working, we will also, through the active recruitment and retention of Aboriginal employees, seek to increase our First Nation and Aboriginal employees company wide. By partnering on projects, CFDP and its partners not only provide revenues for the local Bands, but our partnerships allow us to employ and provide training for First Nations individuals. This training has the ability to build into life long careers for these First nation individuals who live local to our projects.


Employed Members

  • Enoch Cree Nation

  • Sucker Creek Cree First Nation

  • Whitefish Lake First Nation

  • Paul Band

  • Fort McKay First Nation

  • Saddle Lake Cree Nation

  • Samson Cree Nation

  • Alexander First Nation

  • Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation

  • Mikisew Cree First Nation

  • Horse Lake First Nation

Joint Venture and Partner Companies

  • Prairie Creek Indigenous Group (PCIG)


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